Speed dial 2 Ultimate new tab page for Google Chrome
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The only bookmark organizer made exclusively to make your life happier.
Favorite pages, apps, bookmarks, browsing history and many more features. All these make Speed dial 2 your ultimate New tab page for Google Chrome!


Almost everything in Speed dial 2 is customizable and you decide which features to use and which to turn off! Use our extension as a simple new tab page or a powerful tool for your productivity.


Speed Dial 2 synchronizes all your data across different computers and mobile devices.

Access to Bookmarks

Quick access to bookmarks from your new tab page is one of our best features.

Design and themes

Speed dial 2 comes with many preinstalled themes and gives you a lot of options to customize its appearance.

Learn more about your habits

Keep track of your daily routines and see which pages do you visit most in the morning, afternoon, evening and night. These pages are highlighted and let you see your common work flow in current part of a day.


HTML5 database engine makes our extension fast and allows us to organize your data better.

Share our work with your friends

Share our work with your friends and help us make Speed Dial 2 the best new tab page for Google Chrome!